Job perspectives

Job perspectives

Industrial sites around the world are dependent on the long-term availability of affordable, base-loadable energy. Increasing demand for finite “conventional” energy sources such as oil and gas, the complexity of “unconventional” energy sources, but also the high demand for “clean” renewable energy such as geothermal energy due to the intended energy turnaround are creating new challenges. As a result, there is an increasing demand for interdisciplinarily trained geoscientists who are able to understand and apply interdisciplinary connections and decision-making processes in the exploration, economic development and sustainable use of geoenergy resources.

Potential fields of employment are manifold:

  • Energy and resource industries
  • Exploration, development and use of conventional and unconventional energy sources e.g. oil, natural gas, tight gas, self sourced reservoirs
  • Exploration of underground storage facilities
  • Geotechnics and Mining
  • Engineering geology offices and consulting companies
  • Insurances and surveyor’s offices
  • Environmental authorities and associations
  • Educational institutions
  • Universities and research institutes

A successfully completed Master’s programme also opens up the possibility of continuing the scientific education with a doctorate and obtaining a doctorate in natural sciences (Dr. rer. nat.).