Course of the Master's programme GeoThermie/GeoEnergy

In the module handbook Master GeoThermieGeoEnergy (see Downloads) you will find detailed descriptions of the individual modules or courses. The course of the Master’s programme GeoThermie/GeoEnergy is structured as follows:

1st semester (winter semester): Introductory phase

Courses to complete geoscientific basics acquired in the bachelor’s programme and introduction to geo-energy resources, borehole geology, process machinery and apparatus engineering, drilling technology and borehole geophysics as well as permitting and energy/resource law.
Lecture-free period: block courses.

2nd semester (summer semester): Consolidation phase

Deepening and broadening knowledge of geophysical exploration and of compositional, petrophysical, geomechanical and geophysical characterisation and evaluation of reservoir rocks. Introduction to business administration and energy management & environmental law.
Lecture-free period: Block courses, key qualification module 1 (citizen participation).

3rd semester (winter semester): Research phase

Further deepening of knowledge of research modules on seismic reservoir interpretation, reservoir geology, reservoir petrology and fluids, reservoir hydraulics and energy systems, the contents of which serve as direct preparation and professional orientation for the Master’s thesis.
Lecture-free period: Key qualification module 2 (industrial internship, project work or field trips).

4th semester (summer semester):

Master thesis and master colloquium