Lab and field equipment

Petrophysical laboratory and field equipment

In the petrophysical laboratory of the Chair of Geology different analytical methods are available for the determination of petrophysical parameters such as porosity, permeability, heat conductivity and thermal diffusivity.

(Thermal Conductivity Scanning (TCS)

  • Continuous and non-destructive measurement of heat conductivity and thermal diffusivity on solid rock samples
  • High-resolution scan profile of the thermal parameters with minimum measuring distance of 1 mm
  • Measuring ranges: 0,2 – 25 W/(m K); 0,6 – 3,0 x 10-6  m2/s
  • Measurement under laboratory conditions in dry and saturated state (vacuum saturation)
  • Possible sample geometries: cores up to 60 cm length as well as cut single samples

Halbraum- und Nadelsonde (TK04)

  • Heat conductivity measurements on solid rock samples in dry and saturated state (vacuum saturation) and on rock fragments (2-phase measurement)
  • Measuring ranges: 0,3 – 10 W/(m K); Accuracy: 2%
  • Possible sample geometries: from 8 cm diameter

High-resolution ultrasonic measurements

  • High spatial resolution (1mm) and precise determination of the P and S wave velocities
  • Proxies for rock porosity and compressive strength
  • Possible sample geometries: Cores up to 10 cm diameter and up to 1 m length as well as single samples
  • Direct and indirect ultrasonic transmission possible

Buoyancy weighing (Archimedean principle) with isopropanol

  • Determination of the true density, bulk density and open porosity of solid rock samples

Mercury porosimeter

  • Analysis of pore neck diameter distribution and porosity
  • Large measuring range from 950 μm to 3 nm pore diameter
  • High sample throughput due to the presence of two low-pressure and one high-pressure station
  • Possibility of measuring different sample geometries (cylindrical samples or single fragments) by using different sample cells

Permeability measurements

  • Determination of air permeability using Hassler cell at different pressure levels
  • Transportable air permeameter Tiny Perm II for permeability measurements under laboratory conditions and in the field

Terrestrial and drone based photogrammetry 

  • Recording of outcrops in 3D and local digital terrain models


Digestion modelling and digital mapping

  • Mapping of boundary surfaces and geobodies
  • Analysis of geometric properties of boundary surface networks, area, diameter etc. of geobodies


Aggregate-powered core drilling rig

  • Extraction of cores up to 30 cm long from outcrop walls and larger boulders