The research group Geothermal Energy and Geoenergy of the Chair of Geology addresses all geoscientific topics related to geoenergy, such as geothermal energy, hydrocarbon exploration, underground storage sites, etc. The research group Geothermal Energy and Geoenergy is also hosting the new MSc-study scheme GeoThermie/GeoEnergie and is an integral part of the Geothermal Alliance Bavaria (GAB). The research groups Clastic Sedimentology and Isotope Geochemistry/Paleo-Climate also belong to the Chair of Geology.

On 20.02.2019, more than a dozen of representatives from industry, research and administration visited the GeoCentre of Northern Bavaria. The reason for their visit was a workshop on the innovations and main results of the EU-funded research project "Cheap GSHPs". Dr. David Bertermann and Johannes M...

The GeoThermal/GeoEnergy seminar will take place in the Industry Mineral Collection Room in the Schlossgarten building each Wednesday from 10:30am to 12:00 noon. The first seminar is going to be on November 21st.