Small core soundings on the test site in Aurachtal

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The shallow-geothermal working group has carried out the first pedologic investigations on the test site of the Föckersperger company as part of the Vibra-Pflug project.
The project from the ZIM cooperation network (Central Innovation Program for SMEs) is dedicated to the development of an attachable vibrating plow for near-surface installation of geothermal ground collectors. The device should be able to be coupled to simple carrier vehicles, such as tractors, and thus enable minimally invasive and cost-effective installation of geothermal systems in the ground.
For this purpose, FAU is working on different geological and pedological methods to overcome the technical challenges and to optimize the collector system.
For the preliminary exploration of the test site of the company Föckersperger in Aurachtal near Herzogenaurach, the AG Oberflächennahe Geothermie (Shallow Geothermal working group) carried out small core soundings to determine important soil parameters. The samples taken are now being analyzed in the laboratory for soil type and thermal conductivity.
Furthermore, other measurement methods, such as geoelectric tomography and sampling of material with core cutters, as well as finite element model calculations for collector design are to be carried out this year.

Small core sounding machine of the AG Oberflächennahen Geothermie with the corresponding hydraulic pulling device on the test site in Aurachtal.
Top view on the sounded core probe with soil material of the test site in Aurachtal.


M.Sc. Oliver Suft, M.Sc.

Scientific staff member, PhD candidate

Geozentrum Nordbayern
Chair of Geology (Prof. Dr. Stollhofen)