GeoThermal/GeoEnergy Seminar

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The winter term has started, which also means it is the time again for the GeoThermal/GeoEnergy Seminar (called Sedimentology Seminar in the summer term)!

Although the seminar is on a voluntary basis, students are encouraged to attend. The seminar offers a great opportunity to get an idea about ongoing research and projects of the Applied Sedimentology and GeoThermal/GeoEnergy group and the Geothermal-Alliance Bavaria (also regarding possible future MSc-thesis topics).

The agenda of each seminar is given by:

  1. the opportunity to discuss some recent advances in the world of Geothermal/Geoenergy
  2. presentations (45-60 minutes) from each member of the current scientific staff of the GeoThermal/GeoEnergy group
  3. discussion of the presented material

Presentations will cover research results, new ideas/projects, summaries from relevant conferences, etc.

The seminar will take place in the Industry Mineral Collection Room in the Schlossgarten building each Wednesday from 10:30am to 12:00 noon. The first seminar is going to be on November 21st.