Underground cables

Underground cables

Underground cable (TenneT, 2015)

The expansion of renewable energies and the transition from fossil fuels such as coal and gas is creating new demand for transmission capacity. In the course of underground cable power grid development projects, the working group Shallow Geothermal Energy investigates pedological aspects with regard to heat transport processes.
Underground cables, such as those used for high-voltage direct current transmission (HVDC), have unequal effects on the soil system due to regionally varying soil properties.
It is therefore necessary to consider the interdependencies between the power grid routing and the heat balance and water regime of soils concerned at an early stage of route planning.By measuring the physical properties of soils, the georeferenced clustering of digital area data and the use of simulation models, the working group Shallow Geothermal Energy provides data that allow a soil system adapted installation of high-voltage underground cables.


Hans Schwarz, M. Sc.

Flache Geothermie

Geozentrum Nordbayern
Chair of Geology (Prof. Dr. Stollhofen)

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