Research Topics

Basin Analysis

Basin analysis involves various techniques on different scales. Thereby, the reconstruction of the basin’s history plays a key role in the prediction of recent distributions of facies, faults and fractures, and physical parameters such as stress, pressure and temperature.


Deep Geothermal Energy

Characterization and improved geological understanding of the reservoir aim at decreased exploration risk and increased productivity. Thereby, the Chair of Geology integrates seismic interpreation, facies architecture, sedimentological petrography and diagenesis, pertrophysics, geomechanics, fractured reservoir studies, wireline log and core analysis.


Shallow Geothermal Energy

The shallow geothermal working group has its main research focus on both, very shallow   (0 – 2 m) and shallow (2 – 100 m) geothermal systems, using vertically / horizontally installed collctor systems, heat basket type ground source heat exchanger, co-axial probes and standard double-U probes. These and other systems can be tested and analysed at an own test site on university’s premises.

Further, reaseach in sustainable flood protection, geophysical measurements, investigation of petro – & pedophysical parameter as well as their small to mega scale interpretation and projection using GIS-software are carried out by this working group.